Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Advantages Of Using Modular Programming

In modular programming the programmers will split their code into small sections of code. The small sections can be called as modules. Each module is split into sub-modules and the sub-modules are known as calling modules. It is difficult to debug and maintain very large programs. Modular programming is subdividing such type of large programs into separate subprograms.

The advantages of using modular programming:
  • It is easy to understand small sections of code in the modular programming.
  • You can store the code across multiple files.
  • Modular programming allows collaborative programming. Collaborative programming means more than one program work in one application at the same time.
  • Duplication of code is not possible in modular programming. The programmers create a single procedure for code.
  • The errors are localized to a subroutine or function and it is easy to find the errors.
  • The code should be used in multiple applications in modular programming.
  • The code should be simple and short in modular programming and it is less need to be written.

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